# MidaIndicator()

Indicators are represented by the MidaIndicator class.

  • Interface
class MidaIndicator {
    get name: string;
    get description: string;
    get version: string;
    get inputs: MidaIndicatorIo[];
    get values: MidaIndicatorIo[];
    get lastValue: MidaIndicatorIo | undefined;

    calculate (input: MidaIndicatorIo[]): Promise<MidaIndicatorIo[]>;
    next (input: MidaIndicatorIo[]): Promise<MidaIndicatorIo[]>;
    clear (): void;


The Mida core has no indicators installed by default, the Mida Tulipan plugin provides performant technical indicators

Install and use the Mida Tulipan plugin.

npm i @reiryoku/mida-tulipan
import { Mida, } from "@reiryoku/mida";
import { TulipanPlugin, } from "@reiryoku/mida-tulipan";

Mida.use(new TulipanPlugin());