# MidaSymbol()

Symbols are represented by the MidaSymbol class.


A symbol represents a pair of assets, for example the Bitcoin and US Dollar symbol is represented as BTCUSD, the first asset is called base asset while the second asset is called quote asset

  • Interface
class MidaSymbol {
    get tradingAccount: MidaTradingAccount;
    get description: string;
    get baseAsset: string;
    get quoteAsset: string;
    get leverage: MidaDecimal;
    get minLots: MidaDecimal;
    get maxLots: MidaDecimal;
    get lotUnits: MidaDecimal;
    get pipPosition: number;

    getBid (): Promise<MidaDecimal>;
    getAsk (): Promise<MidaDecimal>;
    getAverage (): Promise<MidaDecimal>;
    isMarketOpen (): Promise<boolean>;
    toString (): string;