# Why JavaScript/TypeScript?

At Reiryoku Technologies we hold the firm belief that JavaScript/TypeScript is the optimal choice for algorithmic trading in financial markets, due to several key factors:

Firstly, the language's easy learning curve empowers traders to focus on developing effective strategies without being encumbered by intricate technicalities such as memory management. This streamlined learning experience accelerates the deployment of trading algorithms, enabling market participants to swiftly adapt to dynamic market conditions.

Secondly, JavaScript/TypeScript excels in managing networking capabilities and handling asynchronous tasks, making it a formidable choice for algorithmic trading. Its robust networking capabilities facilitate real-time data processing and seamless communication, allowing traders to swiftly access and analyze market information. The language's efficient handling of asynchronous tasks enables simultaneous management of multiple market feeds, execution of trades, and response to market events, ensuring optimal performance and responsiveness.

Finally, we designed Mida offering the flexibility to use C++, this integration allows for enhanced performance optimizations combined with the strengths of JavaScript/TypeScript for rapid development and strategy-focused programming.