# MidaOrder()

Orders are represented by the MidaOrder class.


An order is the intention to buy or sell an asset. An order is processed by the trading platform according to the client directives and is finalised with the execution of one or more trades

  • Interface
class MidaOrder {
    get id: string;
    get tradingAccount: MidaTradingAccount;
    get symbol: string;
    get requestedVolume: MidaDecimal;
    get direction: MidaOrderDirection;
    get purpose: MidaOrderPurpose;
    get limitPrice: MidaDecimal | undefined;
    get stopPrice: MidaDecimal | undefined;
    get status: MidaOrderStatus;
    get creationDate: MidaDate | undefined;
    get lastUpdateDate: MidaDate | undefined;
    get timeInForce: MidaOrderTimeInForce;
    get expirationDate: MidaDate | undefined;
    get positionId: string;
    get rejection: MidaOrderRejection | undefined;
    get isStopOut: boolean;
    get label: string | undefined;
    get clientOrderId: string | undefined;
    get isExecuted: boolean;
    get executedTrades: MidaTrade[];
    get executionPrice: MidaDecimal | undefined;
    get executedVolume: MidaDecimal | undefined;

    cancel (): Promise<void>;
    getPosition (): Promise<MidaPosition | undefined>;