# getSymbolPeriods()

Returns the most recent closed candlesticks of a symbol.
The amount of candlesticks returned is at the discretion of the trading platform.


  • Candlesticks are ordered from oldest to newest
  • Interface
class MidaTradingAccount {
    getSymbolPeriods (symbol: string, timeframe: MidaTimeframe): Promise<MidaPeriod[]>;
  • Example 1
import { MidaTimeframe, } from "@reiryoku/mida";

const m5Candlesticks = await myAccount.getSymbolPeriods("BTCUSDT", MidaTimeframe.M5);
  • Example 2
import { MidaTimeframe, } from "@reiryoku/mida";

const h1Candlesticks = await myAccount.getSymbolPeriods("EURUSD", MidaTimeframe.H1);